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Davidson Lance Law Firm

Practice Areas

We are committed to providing our clients with a quality service in an efficient, effective and timely manner on legal issues.

Real Estate Laws

We are experienced in advising in matters related to property law both in England and Wales ..

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Personal Injury

We are one of the leading personal injury firms in and our solicitors have an unrivalled track record in successfully handling personal injury claims.

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Criminal Laws

We are all familiar with what we see on television, read in the newspapers, books and the web and hear from others about what facing criminal proceedings entails.

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Health Related Laws

Advice and assistance in all areas of the Health Act 1983, including admission to hospital, consent to treatment and aftercare provisions

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Domestic Voilence

Victims of domestic violence frequently feel helpless and taking action against a domestic abuser can seem like a huge step

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Corporate Issues

We have experience in advising private clients as well as business clients who seek tailored solutions to problems at an international level.

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